Volcanoes and Waterfalls


Twist the throttle and follow WMA up through the mountains and explore some of the best mountain roads PNW has to offer. 4 days and 3 nights of riding and connecting with fellow riders. Lots of sights to see including fabulous views of Mt. St Helens, Mt Adams, stops at some beautiful waterfalls and more. Get your fill of PNW riding. Accommodations, Food and thrills included! We will hit lots of twisty roads as well as part of the Washington BDR Section 1.
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This ride will take you through some of the best paved riding roads in the PNW.    Geared towards the rider who likes to lean into the curves but also enjoy the fantastic scenery.  On this ride we will will traverse twisty backroads of Oregon and Washington in seek of some of the most beautiful Volcanos the PNW has to offer.  Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens and more await you.   Each night we will stop in a fantastic town and enjoy great food and drink while we recount the days ride and connect with our fellow riders.   

We will ride an average of 150-200 miles a day (typically with one longer day )  over four days.  We ride a safe and fun pace, roads are curvy mountain roads and can have some traffic.  Riders should have at least a 1000 miles of experience riding curvy back roads, forest roads (Gravel, Dirt) and be comfortable riding in a group.  This is not a beginners ride and it is also not a racer or throttle nut ride.   

900 miles in 4 days - 90% street 10% dirt/gravel fire roads

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